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1. DO NOT pay the registration fee without an accepted manuscript!!!

2. IEEE members and IEEE student members must provide valid IEEE member ID while registration.

3. It is worth noticing that if you have submitted 2 or more manuscripts, you have to register for each manuscript. The registration fee for the second manuscript is the same      with your first one.

4. If bank transfer is adopted, the remittance voucher should be uploaded. Please upload the remittance voucher at the conference registration link in time after the remittance, otherwise the financial department will not be able to confirm your payment situation.

Way to upload remittance voucher: The conference registration link ( - > Dashboard - My orders - Upload payment

5. In principle, the registration fee invoice will be issued on the day of the conference (December 15th). Electronic invoice shall be issued for general VAT invoice, paper invoice shall be issued for special VAT invoice. The cost of delivery will be borne by the participants.

6. After successful registration and payment (i.e. the order status is paid), the email address and mobile phone number filled in during registration will automatically receive the link to apply for invoice (please do not delete it). Participants can apply for invoice through the link or return to the conference website and apply for invoice in the "Personal Center- My Invoice ".

7. If the invoice information needs to be modified: Log in to the meeting page "Log in" → "Dashboard" → "My Invoice" → find the invoice to be modified and click "Modify";

8. For further information, please contact CIYCEE at; official wechat group: CIYCEE2021.




1. 稿件未被会议录用前,请勿交注册费!!!

2. IEEE会员和IEEE学生会员在注册时必须提供有效的IEEE会员ID才能享受会员价。

3. 如果提交2篇或更多的稿件,你必须为每一篇稿件缴费。第二稿的注册费和第一稿相同。

4. 需要注意:如果采取银行转账的支付方式,需上传汇款凭证。汇款后请及时在会议注册链接上传汇款凭证,否则财务将无法确认您的支付情况。

上传汇款凭证方式:登录会议注册链接( ) → Dashboard - My orders – Upload payment

5. 注册费发票原则上在会议当天(12月15日)统一开具。增值税普通发票开具电子发票,增值税专用发票开具纸质发票。快递费用由参会者承担。

6. 注册缴费成功后(即订单状态为已支付),注册时填写的邮箱和手机号码将自动收到申请发票的链接(请勿删除),参会者可通过链接来申请发票,也可返回会议网站,在“个人中心”申请发票

7. 如需修改发票信息:登陆会议页面“Log in” → “Dashboard” → “My Invoice” → 找到要修改的发票,点击“修改”。

8. 如有其他问题,请联络 CIYCEE会务组邮箱;CIYCEE会务组微信群:CIYCEE2021






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